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Jessica is one of the most loved and respected pet behaviorists in America. She has devoted her life to rescuing and training animals. Her gentle and caring techniques are used by thousands of happy pet owners who get "Real Results, Real Fast"

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A Message From Jessica

Professional pet behaviorist, dog trainer, author & animal rescue participant

Ignore Your Past Failures And Get Ready For Success

Yes, your failures are OVER! I want to share with you the secrets of training your furry friend so that you can have more quality time together. No more wasting your money and time on techniques that don't get results.

I know the frustration you feel and how you may feel that nothing really works for your furry little friend but I assure you, there is hope. I will reveal to you the positive techniques I have taught to thousands of people who now have the quality time with their pets that they never thought would happen.

Are you experiencing any one of these common pet issues?

1. Aggression Towards Other Pets

2. Food Aggression

3. Misbehaved on a Leash

4. Anxiety When You Leave

5. Do You Have A Dog That Steals Things?

6. Jumping Up On Other People

7. Jumping Up On You

8. Digging In Your Yard

9. Not Coming To You When You Call

10. Chewing On Things

11. House Training Issues

12. Biting You

13. Biting Other People

14. Whining When Left Alone

15. Ignoring You

16. Aggression Towards You

17. Aggression Towards Other Dogs

18. Aggression Towards Strangers

19. Aggression Towards Objects

20. Aggression Towards Other Animals

21. Barking At The Door

22. Barking At the Doorbell

23. Running Away

24. Barking When On Walks

25. Chasing Cars

26. Fear of Loud Noises

27.  Scratching At Doorways

28. Barking While In The Car

29. Barking When Left Alone

30. Hyperactivity

31. Excessive Licking or Chewing

32. Eating Poop (Coprophagia)

33. Following You To Get Attention

34. Submissive Urination When You Get Home

35. Tail Chasing

36. Jumping Up On Your Furniture

37. A Fear of Objects

38. A Fear of Other People or Dogs

39. Issues with Running Away

40. Unique and Unexplained Behaviors

Much, Much More...

Do any of the above problems seem familiar to you?


Are you becoming tired of these problems and are they just down right embarrassing in public?

Don't Worry, You Have Found The

Solution To Your Problems

Odds are that you've probably noticed more than one of the problems above. Before you give up on your furry friend, or worse yet just settle in and try to ignore and accept their bad behaviors, join our membership and start to ENJOY YOUR TIME with your pet!.....


Ramona's Dog Barked For 10 Years - Stops In One Afternoon



Margaret's Dog Went Crazy In Her Car - Stopped In One Hour




Maya's Dog Went Crazy Going For A Walk - Learns To Listen In 2 Hours <<<<



Einstein the Puppy Goes From Leash Crazy to Leash Obedient in 60 Minutes >>>>

Don't Be Taken In By These Old INEFFECTIVE Training Methods


I constantly hear CRAZY methods that are being used and taught by dog trainers that simply don't work or are even DANGEROUS TO YOUR PET

I guess since so many people want to just make money, they peddle OUTDATED and even harmful methods to train your dog....Don't Be Taken In - MANY ARE DOG TORTURE

Don't Settle And Use These Outdated Beliefs....

  •  “If You Want Your Dog To Stop Barking You Need A Shock Collar”

    FACT: A shock collar is a small electrical device that attaches to your dogs collar around his neck. The idea is that when your dog barks, the device "corrects" your dog by sending a low voltage shock to your dogs throat. While manufacturers of these devices say they are safe and don't hurt, they really do. They hurt an awful lot. Imagine how your dog feels. It's not only sad but terribly cruel. It truly breaks my heart that these devices are still being sold today. Not only are they terribly painful but they also stress your dog and they won't work on all dogs. Why is this? Because some dogs will simply push through the pain and others will become depressed and remain silent. It's truly sad. Training a dog with pain is flat out cruel and it is not effective long term. There are so many more effective and humane methods that I can show you, so if you have a shock collar throw it out now!

  • “I Have To Shout And Scream For My Dog To Listen”

    FACT: I've spoken with so many people who think they have to be louder than their dog so their dog hears them, this simply isn't true. In fact, yelling and screaming does the exact OPPOSITE of what you want. It may help at first but your dog quickly learns to ignore it and you just look like a mean person yelling at their dog.
    To really train your dog you must gain their trust and then they choose to follow your direction. It's that simple.

  • "You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks"

    FACT: I don't even know where this saying originated, but it has to come from those out-dated training methods. It simply isn't true. Not only is it not true, but I actually find older dogs easier to train than younger puppies most of the time. Puppies are easily shaped into happy, well behaved dogs, but older don't have the same energy level that puppies do. This means that you can get the attention of an older dog much easier.  You CAN teach old dogs new tricks, if you know how to do it properly. I'll show you how!

  • "You Must Physically Dominate A Dog To Train Them"

    FACT: This is just downright WRONG and INHUMANE on top of that! You are not going to gain your dog's respect by making them fear you. The goal is to be a leader your dog trusts and looks to for guidance.
    One of the biggest secrets to training a dog is to EARN their respect.Fear does not equal respect. In fact, fear will eventually leave you in a bad situation where your dog turns on you, and you probably deserve it.
    I will show you how to earn your dogs trust and respect which will make training your dog so much easier.

  • "A Dog Trainer Can Completely Train Your Dog For You"

    FACT: OK so this drives me nuts! It's one of the things I hear more often than I'd like to share. Someone wants training and the first thing they say is "So do I just leave them with you for the day?" How do you expect your dog to change if you don't change? It doesn't work. Think of it this way... if your child acts up in your home, goes to your sisters home and is a perfect angel do you expect them to come back to you a perfect angel? The answer is no. You have to earn your dogs trust and respect. Then your dog will gladly follow your lead.

  • "If A Dog Can't Be Trained, Something's Wrong With The Dog"

    FACT: After all my years of training some of the most difficult and stubborn dogs, of all sizes, shapes and breeds, I’ve never seen a dog that has something wrong with them that makes them un-trainable. NOT…ONE…SINGLE…TIME. The problem is never the dog. The real problem is what the trainer or dog owner is doing. This should be great news for any frustrated dog owner who thinks that something is wrong with their dog. This means no more wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on vet visits or even Prozac for dogs. You can’t change a dog’s personality, but YOU can train them when you know how. And that’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do, step-by-step, with my proven methods.

....Ok, so now let me tell you the real secret

This is what REALLY makes dog training work like magic

So you would think that since dogs really do love people that is would be incredibly easy to do but as you probably already know, each dog is different and their environments are different too. Fact is, training is unique to every dog. Dog owners are often left wondering...

Why is it so hard to train my dog?!

Are you ready for the secret? This is where so many dog trainers have it all wrong... Understanding this will allow you to be successful in training your dog and will make the training process for both you and your dog so much easier.

So what is this secret? I'll tell you and once you realize the full impact this has on everything you've done so far you'll be amazed!

You're thinking like a human... you've got to think like a dog to truly have a breakthrough in training.

The truth is a dog is a dog, not a human.
A dog thinks like a dog, not a human.
A dog responds like a dog, not a human.
We treat our dogs so much like humans, we expect them to understand us and behave as we would, but they don't have human brains, they have CANINE brains.

In the dog training information I’m about to reveal to you below, you’re going to discover how to properly UNDERSTAND what’s actually going on in the mind of your dog, as well as learn WHAT they do respond to so behavioral training can be EASY & EFFECTIVE!

Who am I and why should you trust and listen to me?

Lets face it, training your dog is a very personal experience and your pet is really a family member. I am a pet behaviorist and pet owner myself so I understand pets was well as anyone. I am also very active in pet rescue and have been an advocate for animals for over 10 years. This coupled with my extensive experience in training dog has lead to these easy to follow courses that anyone can get results from.

As a behaviorist, I have studied dogs for years. I have a Bachelors degree in psychology with an emphasis in animal psychology. I have certifications in Animal Psychology and Behavior, Veterinary Assisting, Pet Nutrition, Pet Sitting and most importantly Dog Training.
As an animal lover, I have worked actively in rescue for a decade and have come in contact with many different situations. I am passionate about keeping pets in their homes and helping people better understand their dogs and helping them train their dog to be a well behaved companion is how I intend to keep dogs in their homes. Forever.

I have worked with hundreds of dogs over the years, from puppies to senior pets and this training method works.

My #1 Passion is Keeping Pets In Their Homes

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Disclaimer:  This information was provided for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness.  If you or your animal have a health concern, you are encouraged to seek the council of a health care professional who is knowledgeable in your area of interest.